Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Less than a month away ...

The boards are all ready just waiting for the names to be filled in. I can't wait!

A Letter

Dear Man-With-Excessive-Body-Hair,

I saw you in your sporty tank top this afternoon, and just thought you'd appreciate some friendly advice. Even though it's a sweltering 79 degrees outside, and that tank top is probably the only thing between you and death by heat exhaustion, odds are it really wasn't the best wardrobe choice today--or ever.

A better choice would have been the removal of your excessive body hair. You could shave it off, wax it off, pluck it out--I even hear Nair works pretty well. With the hair gone you could channel your 1980s, tank-top-wearing personality any time you like, and I wouldn't risk losing my lunch. Or, if these options sound too painful/time consuming, you could just wear a t-shirt and cover up the hair.

Because guys with excessive body hair should not wear tank tops. It's gross.


Your Friend