Monday, January 29, 2007

Because I Was Bored . . . Thanks Cupcake

001. real name ? If you're reading this, you probably know it.
002. nickname ? Maloo, Mellie, Lissa, etc. etc.
003. single or taken ? singe
004. zodiac sign ? sometimes cancer, sometimes gemini--I'm a cuspy.
005. male or female ? That would be . . . female.
006. elementary ? Grant Elementary in Springville
008. highschool? Tempe High--Go Buffaloes!!
010. hair color ? brown. nothing special
011. long or short-- medium
015. are you health freak ? I don't think anyone would call me a health freak.
016. height ?Actually I don't know exactly. 5'4" ish?
017. do you have a crush on someone ? Yes.
018. do you like yourself ? Mostly.
019. piercings ? Ears--one in each.
020. tattoos ? Yeah right. Because I want the pleasure of ink being injected under my skin with a needle.
021. righty or lefty ? righty, but in Kindergarten my teacher asked me if I was left handed because I held my scissors backwards.


022. first surgery ? I had caps put on my teeth when I was four--but is it surgery if internal organs aren't exposed?
023. first piercing ? ears
024. first best friend ? dustin was the friend I first played with all the time, but Kristine is the one I'd call my first best friend.
025. first award ? I think I won a coloring contest in third grade.
026. first sport you joined ? basketball . . . or was it swimming?
027. first pet ? That I remember? Miss Kitty--but there were other cats before her that I don't remember.
028. first vacation ? Probably to St. George or maybe it was when we went to Fresno.
029. first concert ? what kind of concert? I was in school musicals in elementary school, but my first concert was in 6th grade: recorder band. Oh yea, that was pretty (insert heavy sarcasm).
030. first crush ? Well, maybe you could say Dustin was my first crush because we were friends of opposite gender (in kindergarten, and then he moved), but it was probably Brandon that I first considered as a crush. We told each other we loved each other in first grade, but then in third grade he swore at recess and I stopped liking him. That was also the year that Dustin moved back from New Mexico, so I think I was just looking for an excuse to dump Brandon.


049. eating ? nada
050. drinking ? zilch
052. i'm about to ? get ready for bed.
053. listening to ? the ceiling fan in the bathroom and the sound of me typing.
055. waiting for ? Godot. Oops, no. Waiting for . . . so much.
057. wearing ? jeans, hoodie, slippers.


058. want kids? Never, ever. And if you believe that, then you don't know me.
059. want to get married?? and how!
060. careers in mind? College professor, literature critic, foremost Jane Austen authority, world dominator--wait, did I say that out loud?


068. lips or eyes? ? I think I like looking at eyes more than lips, but you can do funner things with lips.
069. hugs or kisses ? get back to me when I've actually had a kiss--wait, did I say that outloud?
070. shorter or taller ? taller than me, but not too much
072. romantic or spontaneous? spontaneously romantic
073. nice stomach or nice arms ? arms--the better to hold you with my dear
074. sensitive or loud ? who would actually want someone who's loud?
075. hook-up or relationship ? what kind of question is this?
077. trouble maker or hesitant? I like a little bit of a trouble maker


078. kissed a stranger ? no
079. drank bubbles ? bubble liquid is disgusting, why would you drink that? ;)
080. lost glasses/contacts ? don't wear them so, no. Do I need them--probably.
081. ran away from home ? I've packed up to run away, but never actually went anywhere.
082. broken any bones ? I guess I broke my thumb when I was 4 when I got it stuck in a folding chair, but I don't remember that.
084. broken someone's heart ? not to my knowledge
085. been arrested ? no, but oddly there's a part of me that wishes I could answer this question differently.
086. turned someone down ? not directly. I just gave him excuses until he got the hint. I'm a chicken.
087. cried when someone died ? umm, who wouldn't?
088. liked a friend ? Yes, I typically do like my friends. j/k Yes, I have been romantically interested in friends who are of the opposite sex.


089. yourself? sometimes
090. miracles ? yes
091. love at first sight ? sort of . . .
092. heaven ? yeah
093. santa claus ? That a big, fat man in a red suit comes down my chimney to give me presents? No. That there was once a man who gave gifts to children and has come to represent the spirit of giving and kindness at Christmas-time? Yes.
094. sex on the first date ? who would say yes to this?!
095. kissing on the first date ? only of the hershey variety . . . ok maybe a quick one on the cheek
096. angels ? yes


097. is there one or more people you want to be with right now? I'm not exactly sure what this question means . . . but if it means are there people that you care about and miss, but they aren't around right now, then yes.

Wheres 98? <-------right there . . . no, over here -----> 98

099. had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? Please, as if.

100. do you believe in god? See #92 (That means yes.)

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jesse said...

086. turned someone down ? not directly. I just gave him excuses until he got the hint. I'm a chicken.

I do the same thing.