Tuesday, January 23, 2007

John and Abigail Adams

I watched the last half of American Experience last night. This episode was about John Adams, and actually, I learned quite a bit about him that I never knew before. I've long been interested in his wife, Abigail, and their correspondence with each other, but this program also touched on Adams's feelings about his place in history, his up-and-down relationship with Jefferson, and a little bit about his relationship with his children (at this was what was covered in the parts I watched). I would really like to watch the whole program sometime.

There was a great historian that was interviewed for the program. She had more personality than most PBS documentary historians have, and I was always a little glad when they cut to her. I've got to find out her name--maybe she'll have some interesting books or something.

David McCullough was, of course, also interviewd. It was weird seeing him interviewed and putting a face to that distinctive voice. A couple of times, if I glanced down or something, I would get confused as whether he was being interviewed, or narrating the program! And this reminds me: *Note to self* Read 1776!!


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