Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Started Dull Ended HOT!

So the first half of my day was really, really, really boring. I went to the new employee orientation since I just "started" my new job, and this orientation was about what you'd expect from an orientation. Here's the thing, I've been working and going to school on this campus for 6 1/2 years. I know more things about the campus, the services, and the people that work for the University than I ever wanted to know! So why I need to go to a new eomployee orientation, I'll never know.

We learned not to share passwords and to shred documents because personal information is private--duh. We toured the campus and visited various departments. Then we went and learned that illegal software sharing and copying is not allowed--duh again--and that our computers need to be protected--double duh. Then two people from the Purchasing department came in to explain the various ways that the University obtains good and services. This was, again, a major snooze for me because a very large portion of my previous job was spent dealing with purchasing issues. Finally we learned that a particular woman in the department of performing arts likes to talk a lot. Actually, I knew that already from working with her on events in special collections, so see, the whole day was a waste for me!! At least I got breakfast and lunch out of it.

When I got home from my dull morning (by the way, orientation started at 8am, I got there at 8:30am; my usual Tuesday work-day begins at 2:00pm. I was very tired!) I went shopping for new shoes for me, and a new dress for Kate. We had tickets to the annual storytelling festival the university puts on, and I wanted it to be a kind of special evening for all of us. The shopping took about two hours (quick for us!), then we rushed home to get ready. We got there a half hour late, but still in time for dinner, and in time to have some enjoyable conversation with my boss, some co-workers and their spouses, and some othe nice ladies who all sat at our table.

After dinner--which was fair--the storytellers came up, and they were awesome! The first was Syd Lieberman, who I have heard before, and absolutely loved! He told a great short story to kind of introduce himself, and we got to hear his impressions of Brando, Bogart, and especially Sean Connery. I love this man's stories!

The second storyteller was a woman names Olga Loya; she told a Venezuelan folk tale about a rabbit who discovers he has more strength in himself than he thought. She was a lot of fun because she gave her characters such great voices, and really got into the story. The third storyteller was Diane Ferlatte, and her story was about John Bosco (?) outsinging the devil. She was accompanied by a man named Erik Pearson playing steel guitar; both of them were AWESOME.

The final storyteller was Patrick Ball, and he shared some stories from Ireland and played some folksongs on his celtic harp. His stories were sweet and funny, but the music was breathtaking! Jessica particularly loved it. She turned to me afterwards and said she wanted to play the celtic harp now!

All in all it was a great evening. I was glad to spend it with my sisters--especially two sisters who look as great as these two do! For your viewing pleasure, here's a picture of three HOT ladies who had a wonderful, wonderful evening together!


p.s. I love my new shoes!!!


Cupcake said...

awesome!!! I'm glad you took your sisters. I hope Jess wasn't too freaked out about last night and that J.P. wasn't either. I bet they felt out of place. I hope you all enjoyed the food. Thanks for coming!!

Cupcake said...

when are you going to post again!!??