Thursday, April 26, 2007

So I haven't blogged for a while, and I don't really have anything interesting to add right now--but cupcake has been harassing me to update this blog; and I'm nothing if not accommodating.

I have finished class work for the Spring, and only have to take the final exam to be finished entirely with the semester. Only 50+ credits remaining until graduation (i.e. FOREVER!). It's been an interesting class--at least, the ones I attended. Class attendance isn't really a strength for me--hehehe. Our final will not be comprehensive (thank goodness) so it will only cover our last few sections: World War II, the Cold War, and the Middle East crisis. I don't think the final will be too difficult. Plus, I calculated that I only need to get 60% on the final to keep an A in the class.

For the first time since I started college, I have signed up for a summer class. I abhor them, and think them cruel and unusual punishment (punishment for what, I'm sure I don't know, but anyway); I've avoided them like the plague. But I have come to the conclusion that if I'm ever going to graduate in this century, I need to take some drastic course of action--hence, the summer class.

I will be taking English 2010--I know, I should have taken this a LONG time ago, but I never could make myself do it. It's a class focused on the writing of research papers, but (not to toot my own horn too much) I'm already quite good at that, and I've dreaded the monotony of taking a class covering material I already know. But I must take it to graduate--and to take any of the writing classes I really want. It's an online class, so this might make it a little easier. Plus, it's a summer course, so it will be a little bit shorter. I will conquer this! (Hehehe, funny little Pride and Prejudice movie quote.)

I've also just recently made my first foray into the world of Charlotte Bronte. I am almost finished with my first ever reading of Jane Eyre, and it's been quite interesting. I find myself truly loving the story of Jane and Rochester, but I also find myself quite annoyed with Bronte's style of writing--VERY annoyed. For instance, I can only recall once where she used the word "open." Throughout the rest of the novel she says "unclosed." Jane unclosed her eyes; Jane heard a door unclose; etc., etc., etc. It's ridiculous! But I'll probably blog more about Jane Eyre on my book blog when I've finished the whole thing. Suffice it to say, I prefer Jane Austen much, much, more.

But let me share with you the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre which led me to finally pick up the book after much cajoling from my mother. I LOVED this adaptation, and just purchased it on DVD. Soooo good! Enjoy!


Cupcake said...

YAY A POST!!!!!!

LAME!!!!!! It stopped at a bad place. . .Now I want to see it. (I also want to beat up the mean old man and her aunt who "tried". I hardly call it trying. It actually looks interesting.

Cupcake said...

lame now, at 10:00 I'm watching it on youtube.

Misslizabennet said...

I told you its good! How far did you get?

Cupcake said...

Read my blog. . .I watched ALL of it!