Wednesday, May 2, 2007

California Dreamin'

I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago, but thought I was starting to get better. Well, not so: the last couple of days it's been getting worse, and now today I'm home from work popping ibuprofin and putting hot packs on it. Stupid back muscles.

I need a vacation. We've talked about a family vacation for this summer, but nobody seems to be able to decide where they want to go. Well, that's not entirely true. We just can't decide between California and Oregon. The last two days I've been looking up info on hotels and airfare and such for both places, just to get the ball rolling. We'll see where we end up--just as long as we go somewhere!!

I hear the dogs in the kitchen getting into to stuff, so I better go and take care of them.


Sarah said...

Ahh sure. you are in too bad of shape to come to work, but you can sit on the computer and blog. You are in trouble, lady.

Cupcake said...

Slacker!!! You just wanted a free day! ;)

Cupcake said...

One more thing. How do you sit on a computer with a bad back? How do you sit on a computer at all. . .isn't uncomfortable?