Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Clothes Shopping and Makeup

Tonight Jessica and I went shopping for outfits for Friday night when we're going to go see Les Mis. She got a cute black-and-white polka dot dress with red sash, and a pair of red ballet flats--it's REALLY cute. I didn't find anything yet, but I'll look some more tomorrow.

Katie has her 9th grade dance tomorrow, and she got a cute dress, but needed a pair of shoes. While we were at the mall, Jess and I went into a shoe store and found a cute pair of brown satin ballet flats that I think will be very cute. This shoe store was awesome, though; I think I could blow my whole pay check there!

I also ordered a free sample of the mineral powder makeup. I had heard some good things about it, so I though I'd try some, but I wasn't very impressed. It felt like a heavy powder and didn't blend very well--it just kind of stuck to my skin when I first touched the brush to it. I don't think I'll be buying any of their stuff. Well, none of their foundations. They had a concealer powder that I kind of liked, and wouldn't mind experimenting with some more.

Anyway, I'll post some pictures of everyone dressed up for Les Mis so you can see the cute new outfits. Oh, and Jessica and I turned in our applications for an apartment and we should know in a day or two if we meet their rental requirements--so fingers crossed and knock on wood, we could be in our own place very soon!

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