Monday, May 28, 2007


I finally went to Ikea today, and I mostly had fun. There was a lot of cool stuff there that I'd eventually like to get, but today was more about exploring rather than purchasing. Plus, Jessica and I aren't exactly sure what apartment we'll be moving into, so we'd better figure that out before buying a lot of furniture--oh, and there's the money issue too, as in not having a whole lot.

So we wandered around loving almost everything we saw, jotted down a couple of items for our wish-list, and then did make a few minor purchases (I didn't want to leave completely empty-handed!). I bought some magazine boxes that are really cute; a shower curtain that we loved and want no matter where we're moving into; and finally, we bought some Swedish candies and cookies from their imported goods section. All in all not a bad spending day. I think that I will wait a while before I go back, though. I'll let the novely wear off so there aren't so many people. I mean, highway patrol and city police were everywhere directing traffic, and the crowds were quite suffocating! It was fine for an afternoon of exploring, but I don't feel like repeating that shopping experience any time soon.

After we got home, Jess and I went to a sister's house in our ward. Her daughter just moved back in with her and so they had a lot of extra stuff--extra t.v., extra pots and pans, etc. etc. They offered to let us go through it and pick out what we wanted for our apartment, and we got some pretty decent stuff. Adding this stuff to all the things my parents say they're going to give us, Jessica and I probably have most of the apartment furnished--now if we could just find one and move into it!


p.s. My body hurts.
p.p.s. I should say that my Dad went to Ikea with us too, and we had fun with him. He explored with us a bit, then went out to the car to get some work done on his laptop. Afterwards, we went and got Chinese, and it was nice just spending a little time with him.

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