Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up!

Another chapter in the ongoing saga of my basement flooding! With the rain we've had the last couple of days the window well in my old bedroom filled up again. This is the same bedroom that is now a storage room because the carpet and drywall got soaked a couple of floods ago.

Well, to make matters worse our sump pump for that window has decided to stop working. In fact, when it tries to turn on, something happens and it shorts out the electricity! So there I was at 11 o'clock at night, in the window well, standing in water (and who knows what other muck) above my ankles, bailing that water out with a bucket. When the water level got down low enough I had to squat and reach down into the sump hole with a plastic cup, and fill the bucket that way.

John Perry was helping me with everything, but of course he had to throw in some teasing. He told me there was probably some horrible creature, like a giant water spider, living in the sump pump, and was going to eat me. I suddenly had visions of the head of some alien creature rising to the surface of the water, hissing and snarling, and trying to bite my hand off. What are brothers for, right?

With the back problems I've been having all this bailing was not a good move. I could feel my back protesting each time I lifted a bucket-ful and threw it out into the backyard. My back is already stiff and starting to spasm, and my body is shaking with weakness. I'm afraid to go lie down because trying to stretch my back out seems to make it tense up even more. I've taken an Alieve, eaten some pickles, and will hope for the best. (The pickles have nothing to do with my back, I just like to eat them.)

OK, I think that's enough of a pity party. I think I'm going to go scrub my feet and hope I don't get any rashes from that yucky, yucky water! Oh, and there were no evil water creatures, so happy day.


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Sarah said...

you better be coming in. I have john work for you to do. Hope your back is feeling better.