Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday is a Special Day

I spent the vast majority of my day pouring concrete. It was so much fun.

We're working on a cement path on the side of our house and today we poured two slabs. Usually we just do one because it's so exhausting, but that's taking too long. I don't know if my hands will ever work properly again. They feel stiff and twitchy.

The neighborhood kids decided to stop by while we were pouring the concrete. One of the kids actually wanted to help--and did--but the others just got in the way. It's not a lot of fun trying to mix cement while worrying about wacking a three year old in the head with your garden hoe. Then they got into a water fight with our garden hose and their squirt guns. Again, more fun.

John Perry and I were watching Rosemary and Thyme just a little bit ago. It's a show about two British women who solve murders while creating beautiful gardens. Sometimes it's a little bit cheesy and far-fetched, but I forgive that because the two women are so funny. Case in point. In tonight's episode the bad guy shoots through a window at one of the women to "scare them off the case." She runs to the front door, throws it open, then yells into the night: "What the hell were you thinking?! You've broken the bloody window!" The other woman grabs her and throws her back into the house, then promptly fills her with liquor since she's obviously in shock. John and I had a good laugh anyway!

And speaking of TV shows, I'm going to go watch Dr. Who. It's the new series with Christopher Eccleston as The Dr. and I really like it. It's quirky and weird and cheesy, but so funny. Eccleston is a hoot, and I'm sad he didn't stay for more than one series. Oh, and I just found out that he's playing The Rider in a new movie called The Dark is Rising. It's based on one of my favorite books of the same title, and he's the bad guy. I'm nervous about this movie because I love love love the book--but anyway, I'm going now.

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