Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Quick Update

I haven't posted a blog for a while, and I really shouldn't be doing it right now--I should be working, but oh well. I just wanted to post a quick update about some things that have been going on.

The last couple of weeks were kind of crazy crazy because Jessica and I were watching my cousin's daughter, and then my cousin spent a couple of days with us when she got back. Plus Katie spent the night one night and stayed the next day. John came up that day too, so it was pretty crowded in the apartment. House guests always complicate life, but it was nice to spend some time with all of them. All the same, Jess and I were glad to have the apartment back to semi-normal. It's still a mess: the floors need to be cleaned, dishes done, laundry put away, but that will get take care of slowly but surely. Last night I cleaned the bathroom so progress.

My parents went to Oregon last weekend. Actually, my dad went up the week before for work, but my mom flew up to join him over the weekend. I think they had a laid back weekend driving along the coast, and it was nice for them. I think they needed a quick break like that. They stopped at a great little ice cream parlor/candy store that we found last summer and picked up some fudge for all of us. It's a wonderful place on the side of the coastal highway, in a town called Seal Rock. I think the name of the store is "S.R. Fudge" or something like that. If ever you're driving the coast of Oregon you must stop there. The woman gives out HUGE scoops of ice cream: one of her scoops equals like three from any other place, and it's fresh Tillamook ice cream--sooooo good. I love Oregon ...

Anyway. I also went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I will never, ever go again to a midnight showing. Too many snotty teenagers, and I'm just too old to stay up that late and then process a movie. So sad. The movie was pretty good; I like it. There were some problems, but on the whole I think this one was adapted really well. Favorite moment: Harry's flashback in the occlumency lessons to the Mirror of Erised and his parents, then Snape walking into the memory. AWESOMENESS! And Snape will be a good guy, he will be a good guy, he will be a good guy, he will, I know it.

I hope.

Book 7 this weekend and I am getting more and more excited. I haven't pre-ordered the book, because last time I walked into a store that morning and could purchase book 6, so I'm not dealing with that crap. But hopefully I'll have the book done by this weekend. If I get my homework done on time.

Speaking of homework, my class is going ok. There are a bunch of stupid people in my class, but since it's online I don't have to actually talk to any of them face-to-face. That's nice. But I do have to debate them, if you can call it debating. This is how it usually goes:

Stupid student: I believe something stupid for no good reason other than I don't know how to think for myself. I don't know how to research or look anything up for myself, so I have no supporting evidence for my opinion, but I feel very strongly about this.

Me: Ummm, ok, well let me give you some facts. [Insert numerous facts.] So you see, what you believe is stupid (except I'm sometimes nicer about it, unless they're really, really stupid).

Stupid student: But you see what we're really talking about is this feeling (or random experience, or assumption, etc.) that has no basis in logic or fact, so we don't want your facts that make us actually think. We just want to go on in ignorance unchallenged. And while we'll try to be nice to you, we really think you're a liberal who wants to destroy America.

Or another favorite of mine:

Stupid student: Well, this is a very debatable issue, and there are so many opinions on this subject. I can see why so many people feel so strongly about it. And even though this is a debate and I'm just stating the obvious, I'll keep on stating the obvious so I don't really have to think or express my opinions, but can still feel like I'm participating in the conversation.

Wow. Glad I got that all out. I better get back to work now.

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HA HA HA!! Glad to see you have posted something again!