Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fighting the Boredom

I'm in the middle of processing a collection, but I needed a quick break, so I thought I'd post some random thoughts and experiences. Just because.

**Jessica and I went to a laundromat about a month ago. It was quite the experience. The only things on TV were Spanish soap operas and soccer games broadcast in Spanish. Then a man brought in his dog while he did his laundry. The dog was very sweet, and mostly well behaved (he liked to bark), but I've never seen a dog in a laundromat before. As I said, an experience.

**Jessica and I actually went to our ward on Sunday and attended all our meetings! Sad thing: they didn't bring the sacrament out to the foyer where we were sitting. Funny thing: our Sunday School teacher shared his experience getting "Dear-John-ed" while on his mission. It involved The Lion King (from which he shared clips) and was truly hilarious. Interesting thing: we met a guy who lives in our apartment building, and he was very nice. He helped direct us to the people we needed to talk to about transferring our records to the ward.

**Today is August 1st!; that means CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! Yes, friends and family, as per Johnson family tradition, Christmas music is now free game until the end of December, and the Christmas countdown officially begins--only five more months!!! I've been listening to Bing Crosby's White Christmas album, and when I get home I'll be sure to put on Manheim Steamroller--yes!!

I know I had other random thoughts and so forth to share, but I've forgotten them in the excitement over Christmas ;) hehehe. I better get back to work anyway, so I'll post again later.

p.s. my apologies to you Kira, if you're still reading my blog. Shall I listen to some Hanukkah songs in honor of you? ;) Love and miss ya!


Kira said...

Yes! I am still reading, and no, no need to listen to Hannukkah music for me. But wow, Christmas music in august? You guys are crazy. A local radio station celebrated Christmas in July on July 25th and played a christmas song every hour or so, but when you heard a Christmas song you could call in and win a prize, which I think was tickets to the theme park Holiday World. Did you know there was a Holiday World? It's in Santa Claus, Indiana. No joke! I've never been, but I'm kinda intrigued...

Cupcake said...

WE have decided that you are BANNED from playing ANY Christmas music in SC areas until AFTER Thanksgiving! No kidding!!!!

(Sarah says: "Here Here."