Monday, December 10, 2007

End of the semester

Well, I just finished my last paper for class, and e-mailed it off to my professor. The Fall '07 semester is finally over. Feminist Theories has been a very interesting class, and I've learned a lot. Perhaps the biggest thing I've learned is that despite what anyone says, and despite any feminist backlash, the need for feminism is still very real. Case in point: check out this little article from the February 2006 edition of Esquire:

I came across this blurb while I was working on a final project for class about portrayals of women. What angered me so much was the title: Shut Up and Show Us Your Tits." Who do these men think they are that they can get away with something like that?! Something so sexist and racist! Gwenyth Paltrow's altruistic and philanthropic efforts have been completely undermined in some crude attempt at humor. They've sexualized and demeaned her, as well as millions of African women--and women everywhere. And as my professor pointed out, you would never see something like this about a man. When have you ever heard anyone say to Bono, "Shut up and show us your dick"?

This is why we still need feminism--right now.

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