Friday, December 12, 2008


I've been tagged

I was tagged by: Janessa
I am: glad that I survived the week.
I think: that there's so much more I should be doing.
I know: that some things are just true.
I want: to enjoy this holiday season.
I have: no more finals!
I dislike: small, annoying sounds that I can't shut out, and that drive me CRAZY!
I miss: my innocence.
I fear: failure.
I feel: tired.
I hear: my dog breathing.
I smell: my "Welcome Home" Scentsy candle.
I crave: time spent with family.
I cry: only when I'm alone.
I search: google almost every day.
I wonder: how to do better.
I regret: the things that should have been said ... but weren't.
I wish: I was in England.
I love: my family--extended and immediate.
I care: about you.
I always: wait to buy my textbooks until I see the prof. show me the right one 'cause the bookstore always messes up.
I am not: sure what the future holds.
I remember: the good times.
I believe: what God tells me.
I sing: in the shower just about every morning.
I don't: do as many things I love as I used to.
I argue: to put my opinions into words.
I write: but wish I wrote more.
I win: the final hand of texas hold 'em every time.
I lose: just about every other hand of texas hold 'em that I play.
I listen: better when I'm doing something with my hands.
I don't understand: why people hurt other people.
I can usually be found: at work.
I forget: where I put my chapstick.
I am happy: when I'm surrounded by people I love.

I tag: whoever reads my blog but hasn't done this yet and has nothing better to do.

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