Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unfortunately ...

So I saw this on another blog and thought it was pretty funny--especially when I tried it myself. Here's how it works. Type in a Google search: "unfortunately, _______" but put your first name in the blank. Also, make sure you put the whole thing in quotes. Then giggle over the silly things that come up. Here's my list:

--Unfortunately, Melissa has nothing else to say.

--Unfortunately, Melissa doesn't have time to look after her own pets because she is training every day.

--Unfortunately, Melissa's head would be the only thing I hit all day.

--Unfortunately, Melissa was blind-sided - but she’s better off not being with someone that doesn’t care for her the way she deserves.

--Unfortunately, Melissa did not have a matched relative, so she underwent a year of drug therapy in hopes it would cure her illness.

--Unfortunately, Melissa says her son’s attempts at crawling may just be to get away from his big brother!

--Unfortunately, Melissa was the one who suffered most in this process. I think one day Melissa will be very glad it didn't work out.

--Unfortunately, Melissa is frequently adulterated with other lemon-type aromas like Lemongrass, Lemon or Citronella.

--Unfortunately, Melissa's mom never heard from her again.

--Unfortunately, Melissa is spotted by the killers, who are hit man Bruno Decker and his employer Rudolph Hartman, who turns out to be Walter's client.

--Unfortunately, Melissa didn't grow up with a paintbrush in her hand.

--Unfortunately, Melissa's last words have been stuck in my brain for the past six hours of my life, like a sappy song you hear on the radio.

--Unfortunately, Melissa did not respect Dave.

--Unfortunately, Melissa couldn't keep all her food in her mouth and off her chin.

--Unfortunately, Melissa was busy on the JD loading feeds with Bingo as navigator and could not join us.

--Unfortunately, Melissa can’t sing and Chelsea can’t dance.

And my personal favorite ...

--Unfortunately, Melissa can't stop thinking of how bad Jerry looks naked, and the relationship is ruined.

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